Monday, October 11, 2010

I miss you.

Lola doesn't know she is a dog. That's because she rarely ever sees any other dogs. But her best friend is my nephew and his wife's mutt, Nikki. They look like a 'before and after' couple. Nikki looks just like Lola except she has itty bitty legs. They have a grand time together when we humans manage to get them together.

As I was looking for a video to add to a blog about them and their friendship, Lola went crazy just looking at a clip of them playing together!

I guess nothing is better than a good friend you can roll around with and nothing is worse than missing them. I guess it's time for a playdate.

And that's Lola's life....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chasing Leaves

Must be nice....

It's been raining for days on end and finally today we are seeing the sun. Lola is out on the front deck enjoying every ray she can soak up. It's almost like she knows that in just a few short weeks it will be too cold to laze out there.

It must be nice to have no responsibilities but to eat, sleep and poop. Some days I wish I were a dog.

And this is Lola's life.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lola's Life

Here's the first peek into the life of a completely spoiled rotten mutt!

Lola is our 'Lab'. We're really not sure what she really is. She was rescued from the Athens, GA pound and brought to us in the middle of the night under a cloak of secrecy. She is truly spoiled, gets into a lot of trouble and loved more than any mutt ever could be.

You can read her full story here:

Welcome to Lola's world. She's happy to have you visit.